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Sarah Cucinelli is the founder of Fine Art Collection Management and has twenty years experience managing some of the world's most important museum and private art collections. Sarah's breadth of experience working as curator and investment advisor of private collections, museum collection manager, as well as in auction houses, art storage facilities, as artist, artist's assistant, and studio manager, has given her a unique and comprehensive perspective into all aspects of art collection management. Her experience working with a broad variety of media and collection types including modern, contemporary and photographic masterpieces, ancient Chinese bronzes, African terracottas, Ancient Egyptian and Roman works, Chinese furniture, and decorative objects, among others, matches her clients' needs for expert management of a broad spectrum of fine art collections.

Sarah's work with private collections and trust and estate projects requires level-headed problem-solving, the development of cost-effective, practical management plans and seamless experiences for her clients. She is an expert in working with clients with high expectations of service, confidentiality, and interpersonal skill. A graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Sarah completed her Master's thesis at Hunter College, New York, on the subject of important private art collections. The project, Making a Difference: Important Private Collections in Twenty-First Century New York City, explored the social and historical circumstances which gave rise to various collection types including tribal objects, Spanish colonial artworks, ephemera, and feminist traditions. Sarah has studied abroad at Oxford University, England, Florence and Siena, Italy.

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